Nivels Deduct Supplier Discount

Allow discount deduction on vendor bills.

Technischer Name: nivels_deduct_supplier_discount
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Setup discount product

After installing the user has to create a discount product (see Inventory, Products) with the following information:

  • Name: Name of the product
  • Product Type: Product type (must be Service)
  • Vendor Taxes: Tax uses for the discount

Finallly you can also configure the default accounts in the Accounting tab.

Setup payment term

After installing the user has to create a new payment term (see Accounting, Configuration, Payment Terms).

The user has to specify the following information:

  1. Payment Term Name
  2. Terms

After pressing the Add a line link the user has to specify the following information:

  1. Type: (must be Discount)
  2. Value: (100 - the discount percentage)
  3. Discount product: Product to use for the discount line
  4. Due (in days)

The field Value will be used like specified by Odoo. For example if the discount should be 5% the value must be 95 (100 - discount percentage).

After adding all terms the user has to sort the lines by due date:

Set default discount term for vendor

To set a default discount term on a vendor go to Contacts and selected the desired contact. In the Sales & Purchase tab the discount can be set.

Create vendor invoice with discount

Go to Accounting, Vendors, Bills and create a new vendor bill.

The following information are needed to deduct vendor discount:

  • Bill Date: Date of the vendor bill
  • Vendor Discount Term: Discount term to use (preset if the vendor has already set in partner form)

Note: To use the discount calculation the vendor bill needs to be in Draft state.

Filter and update invoice with discount

Within the list of vendor bills the user has to choose Filter and then Draft.

Select all filtered vendor bills and select Action, Update Discount.

To show all vendor bills with discount the user can select the filter Has Discount.

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